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We’re a team of seasoned experts with experience and dealings with all kinds of gadgets, privacy diehards and security advocates. We’re experts at securing devices, Internet privacy and being anonymous online.

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  • The average gadget user (beginner, intermediate) who is overwhelmed with all the security programs out there. Confused on which to use, how to configure them, or even where to start.
  • The beginner, intermediate or nerd who aspires to learn how to mask their activities from the government, hackers, other online spies, and invasive ISP networks.


With HardenMyGadgets (HMG), you will never be confused about software programs to use for protecting your gadgets, how to tweak and optimize Windows & iOS for maximum security or how to mask on the internet. We will expose all the necessary security tools and programs you need, how to use them, and their configuration settings (image & instructional video tutorials), and great programs that will help you implement fast solutions; Dedicated support team to help you troubleshoot and secure your gadgets (If needed). All this and more in one place.


Our Analytics Experts share a lot of gadgets security hardening strategies . Simple and easy tips to secure your device.

Monitoring &

We alert and monitor systems to detect and notify our members about meaningful events that denote a grave change of security compromise.


Our price is lower than that offered by our competitors and are made more attractive because of our amazing contents and incentives, such as longer payment terms, access to 70% Products etc.


Our technical support team is composed of individuals that are familiar with the ins and outs of a gadget security. With this knowledge, we are able to troubleshoot most problems that a user experiences.

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A smart and secure way to protect your Gadgets

This is our core business. We help put a stop to the device repair madness, safeguard your gadget and protect your data. We will support and teach you how to configure your gadgets properly, protect your privacy, stay safe, and browse anonymously.

How it works


Video Courses

Follow and implement all our security courses for best results


Excellent Tech Contents

All courses, guides, tips and tutorials are provided straight away. No waste of your precious time!


Follow and implement all our security guides, tips and tutorials and we guarantee your gadgets will be secure, your data safe, privacy restored and you will be totally incognito online.

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Easy To Understand and Follow Instructions

More than 200 frequently updated, easy-to-read (and apply) tips, OPSEC list and security best practices in more than 20 categories

  • Alternative Programs, Anonymous Payments, Anonymous Surfing & VPN, Anti-Malware / Anti-Virus, Backups & Disaster Recovery
  • Browser & Internet Security, Cleaning & Erasing, Computer Access Security, Document Security, Email & Username Security, Encryption Security and more.

Amazing Security Courses

Easy to Courses that will guide you on how to secure your gadgets, browse anonymously and enhance your online privacy.

  • File Upload Security, Firewall Security, Identity Theft, Mobile “Smartphone” Security, Net Traffic Monitoring, Network & Wireless Security

  • Offline Security Tips, OS Installation, Password Security, Privacy Protection, Scam Protection, Services & System Startup, Social Network Security, USB Drive Security.

Instructional security software tutorials

Straight to the point written guides (images and videos), and answers to security Problems

  • How to block data thieves from stealing information spontaneously from your computer.
  • How to eliminate hidden personally identifiable information (PII) and encrypt your documents before sending them over the Internet and more

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How it works?

Sign up to our service only if you are willing to follow instructions and devote the time to secure your gadget(s) and be anonymous online. It is not a one day process and definitely not complicated.

Solving our Members biggest problems

Good security is always a trade-off and you need to understand how much effort to put into it, what trade-offs are involved and how secure you want to be.

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